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1. What this story all about?
Check the community profile. It tells you everything. The short story is you entered a mansion and you found out you’re in different world. The door where you just enter was vanished and this little ‘Alice’ girl put you into her game. All you have to do is to ‘survive’ on any consequence that Alice done to you.

2. How do I start?
You can start soon after the premise where Alice just welcomed you. You can also check the main community and see what arc is ongoing now. That would let you have some idea how you can start with.

3. What format I should use to post in the community?
First person with action or journal based. We don’t want any third person post in main community. If you like to post third person, just post in log community. Although we don’t have one.

4. How do I interact with the others? Using book? Laptop? Cell phone?
Unfortunately, you will interact face to face with the person. That’s why we allow to thread-jacking with other’s post. Sounds fun? This helps you to talk in groups and at same time, you interrupt the other’s post and create endless conversation.

5. I want to talk with Alice. How do I call her?
Alice randomly appears in certain entry, if she interested. There is one thing how you can lure her in your entry. Just make an entry that you need to talk to her or mention her name such as, ‘Where are you, Alice?’ or ‘Alice is such adorable’ She could simply reply to that.

6. About applying character. Can I apply a character in different timeline or fandom?
Different character’s timeline and fandom is one major problem. But only one answer to that question, you can’t apply the character that already taken. That means, if there is Yuffie from Final Fantasy 7 in the RP, you can’t apply another Yuffie in FF: Advent Children. Or, the game already applied Leon from Tales of Destiny, you can’t apply Judas in Tales of Destiny 2 since it still him even he uses different names.

7. Can I apply talking/non-talking creatures?
Yes, you may. You can apply talking creatures such as Digimon series, Sonic series, characters from Disney and so on. For non-talking creatures such as Pokemon series, just make sure put more action in your entry instead of talking their own words.

8. Can my character bring their equipment/vehicle/partner in the game?
Yes and no on some part of it. Weapons are totally allowed in the game, as the main reason is to get rid out the villains and boredom. Vehicle will only allowed if the character can carry them in both hands such as bicycle, magic carpet and so on. Also, a character with special appearance such a Ghost Rider, he can have a bike on his side. Car, bus, train or larger than that, are not allowed. Partner; an animal and non-animal also allow in the game, only if they’re important to character. I allow character such as Ash from Pokemon, he can have Pikachu on his side, from Tales of Destiny; Stahn can have his talking sword Dymlos, and from Gundam 00; Allelujah with his second personality, Hallelujah. Try to include them both in your entry.

9. Can my character die in there?
Yes, but with my permission. Send private message to ”Alice” or AIM: kikutsune, and tell why your character need to die. If your character died on that day, you will give a penalty to not use the character for a week. After that, the character will reborn and follow the story plot as usual. The character will not remember what was happened during his death in one week period.

Any question, you can post below.


The Mods

-Head Mod-
Name: Kiku
Journal: sheiji
Contact: Y!M: sheirazsora | AIM: kikutsune

-Co-op Mod-
Name: Luna Quiche
Journal: lunaquiche
Contact: E-mail: inuyasha-girlie@web.de | AIM: lunaquiche13


Events List

This is the previous events that already occur in the main community. Will be update every month.

February - [Chapter 1] The Magical Woods
March - [Chapter 2] The Autumnal Planet


Wanted characters

Post up your wanted characters here. You can put your wanted characters more than one.

Wanted Character List

-Axis Powers Hetalia-
Vash Zwingli (Switzerland)


-Soul Eater-

Elizabeth "Liz" Thompson

-Tokyo Mew Mew-
Masaya Aoyama

Rin Kagamine
Len Kagamine
Luka Megurine
Kamui Gakupo
Neru Akita
Haku Yowane


Affiliates List

Here the code for affiliate to other communities. Feel free to use it.

Code for main profile:

Would you like to add other RP community? Suggest here.


Question and Suggestion

Any question or suggestion? Post here. Alice will try answer the best as she can.


Reserves Character

Before reserve, please check taken or wanted characters. Reserve will take a week. No extension allowed, but mod will reminds you one/two days before the deadline. You can reserve only once.

Copy paste this in your reserve post:

The List:


Drop characters

You need to drop your character? Post here. However, you need to apply them again to take the drop character.


Taken Characters

Once you're accepted, copy paste below in your comment post:

The list of taken characters:

Ace Attorney
- Kay Faraday by Pari/Chloe [Email: pairha164@gmail.com AIM: chloeisangenius]

Axis Powers Hetalia
- Gilbert Beilschmidt (Prussia) by Tara [E-mail: Awesome.Army@gmail.com |MSN: Tara.Fish@hotmail.com]
- Liechtenstein/Lili Zwingli by mixuelli [Email: cracky.pokes@live.co.uk]
- Matthew Williams (Canada) by Team Edcob [MSN: cosmokahnami@hotmail.com]

Azumanga Daioh
- Koyomi 'Yomi' Mizuhara by Ryan [Email: psychoraijin@gmail.com/AIM: GoldenBlade67]

Battlefield Bad Comapny series 1 and 2
- Preston Marlowe by Alex [Email:lazy_gamer5@msn.com]

CIMA: The Enemy
- Ivy F. by Teefa [E-Mail: Teefa85@aol.com]

Clamp Campus Detective
- Akira Ijyuin by Kat/Kini [Email: shinigamis_ice_angel@yahoo.com Aim: cuteblueribbon Y!M: shinigamis_ice_angel]

- Rhode Camelot by Kat/Kini [Email: shinigamis_ice_angel@yahoo.com Aim: cuteblueribbon Y!M: shinigamis_ice_angel]

Death Note
- Beyond Birthday by Luna Quiche [E-mail: inuyasha-girlie@web.de, AIM: lunaquiche13]

Die Judenbuche
- Johannes by Mero [E-mail: mello.chan@hotmail.de, AIM: melloisjustice13]

Kingdom Hearts
- Sora by Kibi [E-mail: kibikon@hotmail.com]

Rurouni Kenshin
- Seta Soujiro by Mero [E-mail: mello.chan@hotmail.de, AIM: MelloIsJustice13]

Soul Eater
- Death The Kid by Kid [E-mail: Skarnik101@hotmail.com]

Tales of The Abyss
- Luke Fon Fabre (Post Akzeriuth) by Kiku [AIM: Kikutsune | Y!M: sheirazsora]

True Remembrance
- La by Jamie

Tokyo Mew Mew
- Deep Blue by Luna Quiche [E-mail: inuyasha-girlie@web.de, AIM: lunaquiche13]

- Kagamine Len by Ezra [Email: pochikaito@aim.com]
- Miku Hatsune by Nati [email- amethystdreamernat@gmail.com, aim -flowerydreamer]


Apply your character

Before you apply, you must read the rules in community profile. You can apply six characters from any canon. I don't accept original character yet. Make sure you check the FAQ, reserved and taken characters before you apply. If you're not sure who you like to apply, you can check the wanted characters. After you've been accepted, you may join the game.

Copy paste below in your comment post: Edited: 02/12/10